Essex Synthetic Biology School 2-6 July, 2018 - University of Essex, UK

Toby Richardson

Dr. Richardson joined Synthetic Genomics in August of 2006 and has served as Vice President of Informatics since 2008. He was responsible for initially setting up the informatics and software engineering departments, and he has led the development and implementation of SGI’s proprietary genomics software platform Archetype®. Dr. Richardson is also responsible for ensuring that SGI is on the cutting edge of the latest NGS platforms and computational biology tools, as well as for the implementation of these tools across the R&D groups at SGI. Previously, Dr. Richardson spent ten years at Diversa Corporation, where he successfully ran and managed both an enzymology and informatics group, and his team developed some of the first tools to annotate, store and mine metagenomic information from environmental samples. Prior to joining the industrial biotechnology sector, Dr. Richardson spent 10 years studying cytochrome P450 during his postdoctoral research.

Dr. Richardson has served on the board of Agracast since 2015 and on the scientific advisory board of Phylos Bioscience since 2014. Dr. Richardson received both a B.Sc. (Hons) in Biochemistry and a Ph.D. in Molecular Toxicology from The University of Surrey, UK.